The First Vision

“The First Vision,” Friend, April 2020

The First Vision

Reverently [quarter note] =68

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Illustrations by Sarah Keele

1. Joseph had a question about the way to go,

So faithfully he studied to help his knowledge grow.

A scripture struck his heart, inviting him to pray,

And Joseph knew that he could ask for God to show him the way.

2. Seeking peaceful quiet, he chose a grove of trees

And prayed with all his power for God to hear his plea.

The Father and the Son descended from above

To answer Joseph’s question and restore the gospel with love.

3. From that wondrous vision, more revelations flowed.

The Lord restored the gospel so everyone can know:

The heavens are not closed; the Savior speaks today.

He calls a prophet in our time to guide our steps in His way.

Chorus: He prayed in faith and heaven answered.

The Father and the Son knew his name.

I kneel to pray. I know God loves me

And hears my prayers the same.