Friends by Mail

“Friends by Mail,” Friend, April 2020

Friends by Mail

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Conference Coloring

Thank you for the “Prophets and Apostles” coloring page (Oct. 2019). I colored each person when they were speaking.

Lara S., age 3, Paraná, Brazil

Origami Crafting

I made the origami craft (June 2017) for the shirt and drew the rest to make this picture of President Russell M. Nelson.

Maryann H., age 9, Arizona, USA

Relaxing with the Friend

When I was sick, looking at my Friend and doing the activities was relaxing.

Ted O., age 5, California, USA

Dear Friends,

This month we’re celebrating two sacred events—Easter and the First Vision. Easter is when Jesus Christ was resurrected, and the First Vision is when Jesus Christ appeared with Heavenly Father to Joseph Smith and began bringing His Church back to earth. How many stories and activities can you find about these events in this month’s issue? Look for messages from President Nelson and Sister Jones about how you can help with the Restoration!


The Friend

An Invitation from the Prophet!

“I invite you to … look for opportunities to share your feelings about the Lord Jesus Christ with your family and friends.”

Watch a special message from President Nelson about Jesus at HearHim.ChurchofJesusChrist.org.