What’s on Your Mind?

“What’s on Your Mind?” Friend, April 2020

What’s on Your Mind?

I don’t feel any big answers when I pray. How can I know if I really have a testimony? —Searching in Seoul

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Illustration by Nicole Walkenhorst

Dear Searching,

Answers from Heavenly Father don’t always come right away, and they aren’t always big. Usually they come through quiet, peaceful feelings from the Holy Ghost. This is the same way a testimony usually grows.

Instead of waiting for your testimony to come in one big moment, like flipping on a light switch, think of it more like a sunrise. Your testimony will grow brighter little by little as you keep learning, praying, and making good choices.

Keep going!

The Friend

Testimony Search

Read the verses and fill in the blanks. Check answers below.

Alma 5:45–46: Alma the Younger saw an angel, but that’s not how he got his testimony. He said his testimony came after he “________________ and ________________ many days.”

John 7:17: If you “________________ his will,” you can “________________of the doctrine.” That means that if you act on what you learn, you can know if it’s true.

Alma 32:30: The gospel is like a seed you plant in your heart. When it “beginneth to ________________,” you can know that “the seed is ________________.”

  • grow

  • fasted

  • do

  • good

  • know

  • prayed

Answers: Alma 5: fasted, prayed; John 7: do, know; Alma 32: grow, good