Read-Back Riddles

“Read-Back Riddles,” Friend, April 2020


Read-Back Riddles

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Illustrations by Brooke Smart

Can you figure out these riddles? If you get stuck, read the bolded word backwards. Check answers below.

  1. This animal likes to take a break now and then from the normal flow of things just to howl at the moon.

  2. With all those banana peels on the floor, the zookeeper knew the monkey would be doing this pretty soon after such a big meal.

  3. If you want to keep things a surprise, don’t do this under the blindfold!

  4. Bouncer the frog loves how his favorite straw hat matches these bumps on his face.

  5. The cheese is the most important part of this mouse-catching device.

  6. I decided to draw a map of all the homes in this church group.

  7. I felt a drop in the pit of my stomach when I bumped the table and saw Mom’s flower vase do this.

Answers: wolf, sleep, peek, warts, trap, ward, tip