Show and Tell

“Show and Tell,” Friend, April 2020

Show and Tell

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Jesus Christ has died for us;

He felt all of our pain.

He went to the garden, Gethsemane.

And He did not go in vain.

He died upon a wooden cross,

With nails in hands and feet.

He gave His life for me and you

So we could be complete.

He rose again within three days

To show us all the way—

That we could also live again,

And be like Him someday.

Emma M., age 9, Washington, USA

The Sacred Grove is beautiful. I like to go in the house that shows where Joseph Smith’s family lived.

Corbett D., age 7, New York, USA

I like to visit the Joseph Smith farm home. I had a warm feeling when I went there.

Anastasia M., age 11, New York, USA

I’m glad to live in Palmyra, where I feel the Spirit is strong.

Peter J., age 10, New York, USA

I have faith and believe in God.

Stella J., age 6, New York, USA

I feel good when I go to the Church sites. My favorite place to go to is Joseph Smith’s home and the Sacred Grove. It’s so quiet there, and you can see parts of his story on the plaques along the way.

Mabel B., age 6, New York, USA

Our teacher asked us to do a class presentation on a person who influenced history. I knew right away that I would choose Joseph Smith. Standing in front of my class dressed as Joseph Smith, I taught my classmates about the First Vision, the Book of Mormon, and the restored gospel.

Cameron K., age 11, Nevada, USA

If Joseph didn’t go into the Sacred Grove, we wouldn’t have a church to teach us what’s right.

Tobin R., age 9, New York, USA

When my family members die and I’m feeling sad, Jesus helps me feel better.

Savanna P., age 6, Virginia, USA