Comforted by the Scriptures

“Comforted by the Scriptures,” Friend, April 2020

Comforted by the Scriptures

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Illustration by C.B. Canga

When I was eight years old and recently baptized, I struggled with nightmares. One night as I sat on my bed, I told my mom that I was afraid to fall asleep.

I had been learning that the scriptures hold the answers to every problem. I wanted to find a scripture to help me, but I wasn’t sure where to look. I couldn’t think of any scripture stories that had to do with nightmares.

My mom told me that the Holy Ghost could guide me. We knelt by my bed and said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me feel the Holy Ghost.

After we prayed, I had a thought to look in the Pearl of Great Price. Then I felt we should look in Joseph Smith—History. We read verses 16 and 17, which talk about the darkness Joseph felt when he first started praying. Then there was a bright light, and Heavenly Father and Jesus appeared to him.

The darkness Joseph Smith experienced reminded me of the fear I felt from my nightmares. The light when the Savior and Heavenly Father appeared was like being helped and shielded by the Holy Ghost.

My mom asked me what Joseph did to overcome the feeling of darkness. I said, “Joseph prayed.”

If I pray and have faith, the Holy Ghost can help me feel peaceful and safe. This experience has helped me realize that the scriptures really do have the answers to my problems.