The Easter Tree

“The Easter Tree,” Friend, April 2020

The Easter Tree

“Hosanna: Blessed is the king of Israel” (John 12:13).

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Illustration by Simini Blocker

Easter was a week away. Daddy told Oliver that today was called “Palm Sunday.”

“Why?” Oliver asked.

“When Jesus came into the city of Jerusalem, people were so happy to see Him,” Daddy said. “They waved palm branches and shouted, ‘Hosanna!’ That’s why we call it Palm Sunday.”

“Can we wave palm branches too?” Oliver asked.

Mommy smiled. “Well, we don’t have any palm trees. Let’s see what other branches we can find.”

Mommy, Daddy, and Oliver went outside and cut a few small branches off a tree in their yard. The branches didn’t have any leaves yet, just tiny blossoms.

Oliver waved his branch back and forth as he took it inside. “Hosanna!” he said, just like the people in the scriptures said when they saw Jesus. Then he helped Mommy put the pretty branches in a vase.

He liked looking at the branches while they ate dinner. He thought about the branches people waved when they saw Jesus.

The next day, Mommy pulled out a basket of plastic Easter eggs. “Let’s write down why we love Jesus. We’ll put our papers in the eggs and hang them on our special branches.”

Daddy got pens and paper. Oliver told Daddy what to write. Oliver said, “I love Jesus because He’s nice.”

Oliver helped fold up the paper. He put it inside a green plastic egg.

Daddy wrote, “I love Jesus because He understands how I feel.”

Mommy wrote, “Because of Jesus, someday we will see the people we love who have died.”

“Like baby Sophie?” Oliver asked.

Mommy gave him a big hug. “Yes! You will see your baby sister again one day. That’s because Jesus lived again after He died. Because of Him, all of us can live again too.”

“That makes me happy,” Oliver said.

“It makes us happy too,” Daddy said.

They filled lots of Easter eggs with things they loved about Jesus. Then Daddy tied strings through the eggs. Oliver helped hang the eggs on the tree. It looked so pretty!

“Let’s call it the Easter Tree,” Oliver said. He counted all the colorful eggs. “We have so many reasons we love Jesus!”