Alonso’s Forever Family

“Alonso’s Forever Family,” Friend, April 2020

Alonso’s Forever Family

“For the temple is a holy place where we are sealed together” (Children’s Songbook, 95).

“Can I be with Mamá and Papá again?”

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Illustrations by Mark Jarman

“Easter is a good time to think about Jesus and to remember His Resurrection,” Sister Rojas said. She held up a picture of Jesus. “Because of Him, people who have died will live again.”

Alonso looked up at his Primary teacher. Does that mean I can see my parents again? he wondered.

Mamá had died years ago when Alonso was very young. Alonso didn’t remember her very well, but he liked looking at pictures of her. Then Papá died too.

Now Alonso lived with Abuela, his grandmother. She had been teaching him about her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was going to be baptized and confirmed next year, when he was old enough.

Sister Rojas held up a picture of a white building. “Another amazing gift from Jesus is temples. This is one of the temples here in Chile.”

Alonso looked at the gold statue on top of the building. It was beautiful! He wondered what happened inside.

“Temples are where families are sealed together forever,” Sister Rojas said. “This temple in Santiago is where I was sealed to my parents after we joined the Church. Because we were sealed, I can be with them even after this life.”

Alonso felt excited when he heard that. “Could I be sealed to my parents?” he asked. “Even though they already died?”

Sister Rojas nodded. “Yes! That’s one of the reasons temples are so important. They bless all of our family members, including those who have died.”

For the rest of the day, Alonso kept thinking about temples. He asked Abuela to teach him more. She talked about the white clothes people wear inside and the beautiful artwork on the walls.

“Best of all, it’s where you can be sealed to your parents,” Abuela said. “We’ll ask two people from the ward to stand in for them during the sealing.”

“Can we go tomorrow?” Alonso asked. “I want to be with Mamá and Papá forever!”

Abuela smiled. “I’m glad you want to go,” she said. “But the nearest temple is in Concepción. We don’t have enough money for bus tickets.”

“I’ll help save for the trip!” Alonso said.

From then on, whenever Alonso found a coin on the street or had a chance to earn some money, he paid tithing and then added the rest to their temple fund.

After months of saving, Alonso and Abuela finally had enough money to travel to the temple. They asked Brother and Sister Silva to come with them. On the day of the trip, they took a long bus ride to the city of Concepción. It was almost sunset when Alonso spotted something gold in the distance.

“I can see the angel Moroni!” Alonso said, pointing to the statue on top of the temple’s blue dome roof.

They spent the night at an apartment next to the temple. In the morning, Alonso went inside the temple for the first time. He saw a big picture of Jesus. He and Abuela got dressed in white. He felt happy and peaceful.

When it was time for the sealing, Alonso walked into a beautiful room with mirrors on the walls. A temple worker showed Alonso, Abuela, and the Silvas how to kneel around a special table called an altar. It was covered in soft fabric.

Brother and Sister Silva were there for Alonso’s mom and dad. Abuela was there for his sister who died before Alonso was born.

Closing his eyes, Alonso imagined his family all together.

I can’t wait to see them again, Alonso thought. I’m so grateful families can be together forever!