Jesus Christ’s Church

“Jesus Christ’s Church,” Friend, April 2020

Jesus Christ’s Church

Friend Magazine, 2020/04 Apr

Illustrations by Elise Black

Olivia heard a big word in Primary. Later she asked Daddy, “What does Restoration mean?”

“I’ll show you,” Daddy said. He stacked blocks on top of each other.

“When Jesus was on earth, He taught people to love each other and keep God’s commandments,” Daddy said. “And He set up His Church.”

“But then Jesus died. Some people stopped believing His teachings.” Daddy pushed the blocks over.

“So after a while, Jesus’s Church was gone,” Daddy said.

“That’s sad,” said Olivia.

“Don’t worry,” Daddy said. He started stacking blocks again. “Jesus asked someone to help bring back His teachings.”

“That helper was Joseph Smith. He helped restore, or bring back, Jesus’s Church.”

“Now the Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth once again. That’s what Restoration means.”

“And best of all,” Daddy said, “we can go to that Church every Sunday.”

“I’m glad I can go to Jesus’s Church!” Olivia said.