Friendship Feud

    “Friendship Feud,” Friend, June 2019

    Friendship Feud

    panel story of kids playing soccer together

    Illustrations by Scott Peck

    I’m open! Pass it to me!

    Quit trying to play with us, Sadra. The game is full.

    But she always plays soccer with us … What’s going on?

    Why did you do that? Sadra’s our friend.

    We decided she’s not our friend anymore.

    You shouldn’t play with her, either. Not if you wanna hang out with us.

    That night …

    The next morning …

    You’re up early. Have you decided what to do about your friends?

    Yes. I’ve been praying about it. I want to be a friend to Sadra.

    I’m proud of you.

    Later …

    Hey, Sadra, I made cookies this morning. Want some?

    Sure, thanks!

    So, any chance you could teach me some of your awesome soccer moves later?


    Maybe our other friends will come around too!