Baby’s Blessing Day

    “Baby’s Blessing Day,” Friend, June 2019

    Baby’s Blessing Day

    The author lives in Utah, USA.

    Friend Magazine, 2019/06 Jun

    Illustrations by Elise Black

    Kate jumped out of bed.

    “Good morning!” Mom said. “Today is a special Sunday.”

    “Why?” Kate said.

    “We’re blessing your baby sister today.”

    “Is Susie sick?” Kate asked.

    “No,” Mom said. “This is a different kind of blessing. It’s for babies after they’re born. When you were a baby, Daddy gave you a special blessing too.”

    Kate didn’t understand. She thought blessings were just for people who were sick. She ate breakfast and got dressed. Then it was time to go.

    Kate looked at her baby sister in the car. She was in a beautiful white dress.

    When Kate got to church, Grandma and Grandpa were there! So were Aunt Mindy and Uncle Tim. And Kate’s cousins!

    Kate was happy to see her family. She usually only saw them on holidays. This must be a special day!

    The meeting began. “Today we’re going to bless a baby,” the bishop said.

    Kate watched Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Tim, and the bishop go to the front of the chapel. They stood in a circle, holding baby Susie. Everyone else folded their arms and bowed their heads. Kate listened carefully and heard her dad’s voice.

    Dad blessed Susie to know that her family loved her. He blessed her to have faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He blessed her that she would be baptized. And he blessed her that someday she could get married in the temple and have her own family.

    “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen,” Dad said. Kate opened her eyes. She watched Dad hold Susie up for everyone to see.

    “That was special,” Kate whispered to Mom.

    “You’re right,” Mom said.

    “I’m glad Susie could have a blessing,” Kate said.