Sharing the Sabbath Day

    “Sharing the Sabbath Day,” Friend, June 2019

    Sharing the Sabbath Day

    Friend Magazine, 2019/06 Jun

    Illustrations by Katie Kath

    “Want to ride bikes?” Alex asks.

    “Thanks, but on Sundays I do things with my family,” says Tomás.

    “Wait! Want to come read with us?” asks Tomás.

    “We’re reading a Bible story about a guy named Daniel and a bunch of lions!”

    “Lions? Cool!” says Alex.

    “We’re glad you’re here, Alex.”

    Tomás is happy he can share the Sabbath day with his friend.

    Sending Sunday Letters

    Friend Magazine, 2019/06 Jun

    Tomás draws pictures for his grandma on Sundays. Today Alex is going to help him. Can you help them find the things they need?

    • Two pencils

    • Two crayons

    • Two pieces of paper

    • One envelope

    • One stamp

    Try drawing a picture this Sunday for someone you love!