Sharing the Sabbath Day

    “Sharing the Sabbath Day,” Friend, June 2019

    Sharing the Sabbath Day

    panel story of boy visiting his friend

    Illustrations by Katie Kath

    “Want to ride bikes?” Alex asks.

    “Thanks, but on Sundays I do things with my family,” says Tomás.

    “Wait! Want to come read with us?” asks Tomás.

    “We’re reading a Bible story about a guy named Daniel and a bunch of lions!”

    “Lions? Cool!” says Alex.

    “We’re glad you’re here, Alex.”

    Tomás is happy he can share the Sabbath day with his friend.

    Sending Sunday Letters

    boy and his friend writing letters together

    Tomás draws pictures for his grandma on Sundays. Today Alex is going to help him. Can you help them find the things they need?

    • Two pencils

    • Two crayons

    • Two pieces of paper

    • One envelope

    • One stamp

    Try drawing a picture this Sunday for someone you love!