The Living Christ

    “The Living Christ,” Friend, June 2019

    The Living Christ

    The prophets and apostles wrote “The Living Christ” to tell the world about Jesus. Read part of it each month and memorize the words in italics.

    Friend Magazine, 2019/06 Jun

    Top Illustration by Jared Beckstrand

    “He rose from the grave to ‘become the firstfruits of them that slept’ (1 Cor. 15:20). As Risen Lord, He visited among those He had loved in life. He also ministered among His ‘other sheep’ (John 10:16) in ancient America. In the modern world, He and His Father appeared to the boy Joseph Smith, ushering in the long-promised ‘dispensation of the fulness of times’ (Eph. 1:10).”

    Three Important Visits

    Take turns pointing to a picture and telling about a time when Jesus came back to visit people. Then you could sing “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” (page 17).

    “Peace be unto you.”John 20:18–22

    “I am Jesus Christ.” 3 Nephi 11:8–17

    “This is My Beloved Son.” Joseph Smith—History 1:17

    Jesus’s disciples were glad when they saw Him. How do you think you will feel when you see the Savior someday?