Family Night Fun

    “Family Night Fun,” Friend, June 2019

    Family Night Fun

    Here are some ideas you could use for home evening!

    Friend Magazine, 2019/06 Jun

    Illustrations by Thomas S. Child

    Song: “Love One Another” (Hymns, no. 308)

    Scripture: John 13:34–35


    1. Pick a story in the magazine about being kind (see pages 8, 14, 36, or 38). Ask someone to read it out loud.

    2. Cut out paper hearts in different colors and sizes.

    3. Write or draw on the hearts things you love about each other or things you can do to show kindness in your family.

    4. Put the hearts around your house to remind you to show love this week. (See *CFM, page 88.)

    Strawberry Hearts

    1. Trim the tops off large strawberries and cut them in half, top to bottom.

    2. Place the strawberries cut-side down and trim each strawberry into a heart shape.

    3. Put the strawberries with other fruit on wooden skewers to make heart kebabs.

    More Ideas

    • Read “Jesus Taught about the Sacrament” (page FJ4) and do the activity on page 7. What can your family do to make the sacrament special? (See *CFM, page 91.)

    • Celebrate Father’s Day with a craft (page 10) and action rhyme (page FJ1). If Father’s Day is hard for your family, look for “Steven’s First Future Father’s Day” from the June 2015 Friend.

    • Read Luke 24:13–32. Then read “A New Chapter” (page 4). How did Jesus “abide with” the girl in the story? How does He abide with you every day? (See *CFM, page 99.)

    * Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families