The Sacrament Reminds Us of Jesus Christ

    “The Sacrament Reminds Us of Jesus Christ,” Friend, June 2019

    The Sacrament Reminds Us of Jesus

    coloring pictures of children with Jesus

    Illustrations by Barbara Bongini

    Before the sacrament, I can get ready by …

    • Dressing in my best clothes

    • Going to church

    • Singing a hymn

    • Listening to the sacrament prayers

    During the sacrament, I can be reverent by thinking about …

    • What Jesus did for me

    • Ways I can follow Him during the week

    • Baptism promises

    • Stories about Jesus

    After the sacrament, I can remember and follow Jesus all week long by …

    • Asking myself, “What would Jesus do?”

    • Being kind to others

    • Reading my scriptures