Father’s-Day Jar of Love
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“Father’s-Day Jar of Love,” Friend, June 2019


Father’s-Day Jar of Love

Here’s a fun and easy way to say “I love you” this Father’s Day to a dad, grandpa, or someone else you love. Be sure to get an adult’s help.

Friend Magazine, 2019/06 Jun

Illustrations by Adobe stock

clear jar

candies or pebbles

large craft sticks




  1. Fill the jar almost to the top with pebbles or your dad’s favorite candy.

  2. Write things you love about your dad on the craft sticks and stick them in the jar.

  3. Cut out the tags and tape them to the outside of the jar. What other fun tags can you come up with?

Best dad by par.

You rock!

Best dad ever. I’m not lion!

You are one in a melon.