Scripture Power

    “Scripture Power,” Friend, Mar. 2016, 30–31

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    Scripture Power

    The scriptures have the power to change our lives.

    Scripture Power

    When my grandson Andrew was seven, his Primary teacher challenged his class to read the scriptures for 100 days in a row.

    Andrew started reading and made it to 20 days when he missed a day. So he started over. Then he made it to 25. But he missed a day again.

    Here’s what Andrew wrote to me:

    “I was a little mad, but I tried really hard the next time. I got into the habit of reading my scriptures every night. I picked them up without thinking about it. Then I got to 100 days. When I was done, I thought, now I can stop. But my mom said I should keep reading. So I did, and I got good at it.

    “My brother decided he would start too. I was happy that he started so he would get this good habit. He finished the Book of Mormon before he was baptized. My cousin also started reading the scriptures. I was happy that he did and that he is still doing it.

    “I’m still reading my scriptures and haven’t missed a day yet since. Now I’m 12, and I’ve been reading scriptures for over four years.”

    But the story doesn’t end there.

    Andrew and his cousin came to talk to the missionaries while I was on an assignment at the Missionary Training Center in Guatemala. They shared their story about reading the scriptures. The missionaries were impressed by Andrew and his cousin’s commitment.

    I am grateful for Andrew’s example. Not only did he inspire his brother and cousins, but he also touched the hearts of the missionaries. Imagine how many others were inspired as a result of the missionaries who followed Andrew’s example.

    I’m grateful that Andrew learned the importance of scriptures. The scriptures have the power to change our lives and the lives of others, no matter how young we are when we begin to read them.

    I Can Do Hard Things

    It’s not always easy to forgive someone who hurt you or repent when you feel embarrassed. Sometimes it’s hard to read scriptures every day. But Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ can help us do hard things. Their power to help us and make us stronger is called grace.

    Look at the cartoon of Gabby and Garret below. What is hard for Gabby? How does she get help?

    Garrett looks pretty sad. What could I do to cheer him up?

    But he was so mean to me! I don’t want to help him.

    Heavenly Father, please help me forgive Garrett and be kind.

    Thanks for playing with me.