Funstuff: Creatures and Critters

    “Funstuff: Creatures and Critters,” Friend, Mar. 2016, 37


    Funstuff: Creatures and Critters

    See how many of these animals and insects you can figure out on your own. If you need help, look up the scriptures. Check your answers below.


    1. John the Baptist wore clothes made out of the hair of this animal. (Mark 1:6)

    2. These happy hoppers were all over the place in Egypt when Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Israelites go free. (Exodus 8:3)

    3. Because the Jaredites brought these with them, they had honey for their trip. (Ether 2:3)

    4. God protected the prophet Daniel from these hungry, dangerous animals. (Daniel 6:22)


    1. Jonas spent three days in this creature’s stomach! (Matthew 12:40)

    2. If you ask your dad for an egg, better hope he doesn’t give you this instead! (Luke 11:12)

    3. Jesus told Peter three different times to “Feed my ________.” (John 21:17)

    Creature Challenge

    Ever heard of a curelom or cumom? Those were some of the animals the Jaredites saw when they came to the promised land. (See Ether 9:19.) Draw a picture of what you think they might look like and send it to us!

    Easter Egg Arrow

    Zoey decorated 10 eggs with her family and arranged them into an arrow pointing down. Can you move just three eggs to make the arrow point up instead? Find the answer below.