Bulletin Board

    “Bulletin Board,” Friend, Mar. 2016, 17

    Bulletin Board

    Bulletin Board

    Play March ‘n’ Spring!

    March 20th is the first day of the spring season in the northern hemisphere. The word “spring” also means to jump forward. Practice your springing skills with this fun game!

    1. Stand on one side of the room and have the other players line up on the other side of the room.

    2. When you say “March!” everyone must march in place without moving forward. When you say “Spring!” everyone jumps or hops toward you.

    3. Keep calling “March!” and “Spring!” until someone reaches you. Then it’s their turn to call.

    God Gives Us Good Food

    This is asparagus. Each piece is called a spear. The spears can grow 10 inches (25 cm) in a day! And this vegetable has its very own museum: the European Asparagus Museum in Germany!

    Ask Your Family

    What can we do to get ready for general conference next month?

    Temple Connection

    Have you met Emma on page 14? Soon there will be a temple in Connecticut, USA, where she lives! Here’s a picture of what it will look like. Have you or your family members ever seen a temple being built or been to an open house or dedication? If so, make sure to share your stories with each other!

    Cyber Strong

    I will never share passwords with anyone except my parents.