Happy Sunday: Family Memory Squares

    “Happy Sunday: Family Memory Squares,” Friend, Mar. 2016, 16

    Happy Sabbath

    Family Memory Bingo

    Do this activity with your family!

    Happy Sabbath

    The Sabbath is a good day for getting to know your family—past and present! Watch family videos and look through picture albums to find things to match the descriptions below. When you find something that matches, mark off the square. Once you mark all the squares, make another card with your own ideas of things to look for! If your family hasn’t started adding family stories and photos on FamilySearch.org, this might be a perfect time to start.

    Someone making a funny face

    People at a church building or in front of a temple

    Someone playing with toys

    A pet

    A black-and-white photo or video

    Someone smiling

    Trees, grass, or plants

    Someone with a backpack or purse

    People at a party