Marta’s Garden

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“Marta’s Garden,” Friend, Mar. 2016, FJ2–FJ3

Marta’s Garden

Friend Magazine, 2016/03 Mar

Marta dug a hole in the dirt. She put a tomato plant in the hole and patted the dirt around it. Then she planted some round onions. Next, Marta carefully put watermelon seeds in the dirt.

Marta gave the garden water every day. Finally the garden was ready. Mom picked tomatoes. Marta pulled onions out of the ground. Dad carried a watermelon into the kitchen. Mom used the tomatoes and onions to make sauce for spaghetti. Dad cut the watermelon into sweet, juicy pieces. Marta said, “My favorite foods are the ones we grow!”

Helping in the Garden

Many yummy foods grow in the garden. What kinds of fruits and vegetables can you find? How many garden tools can you find?