Question Corner: Being an Example

    “Question Corner: Being an Example,” Friend, Mar. 2016, 20

    Question Corner

    I want to be a good example to my friends. How can I help them make good choices?

    Question Corner

    I show my friends how to make good choices by talking to them about what they do that I think isn’t right. I try to be nice and show them that I like to choose the right.

    Lucy B., age 5, California, USA

    It is important to be a good example, just like Jesus was. He is our perfect example. He was always kind and loving to His friends and family. I hope my friends can look at me as one of their examples—like I look to Jesus.

    Kaden B., age 7, Utah, USA

    A lot of kids at my school like to say bad words. I remind them that saying bad words won’t make them feel good and won’t help them get closer to Heavenly Father. My friends have stopped saying bad words, and they have told me that they feel a lot better.

    Sydney L., age 12, Colorado, USA

    Matthew: You can be nice to them and play with them. You can help them when they fall down.

    Sara: You can pray to Heavenly Father for help. Also, you can invite your friends to church. When they go to church, they will know and learn how to choose the right. Then, they will be good examples to others.

    Mishelle: You can play fair, be a good support and a friend, and give service to them. If you see someone doing something wrong, you can speak up.

    Matthew, Sara, and Mishelle G., ages 6, 8, and 10, Utah, USA

    I would start by just talking about what we do in our religion and by asking what they do in their family. You could pray for them and show them a scripture that cheers you up when you’re discouraged.

    Abigail M., age 10, Oregon, USA

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