Reading the Friend

    “Reading the Friend,” Friend, Mar. 2016, inside front cover

    Reading the Friend

    Primary children from the Kent Washington Stake and Spanish Branch, Washington, USA, had a Friend reading challenge. Together they read 2,920 Friend stories! They put a box full of Friend magazines to read at each Church building in the stake. Each child had a punch card to keep track of how many stories they read or listened to. They even had a stake activity using ideas and recipes from the Friend. They learned to keep reading, sharing, and being a friend to everyone!

    Here’s what some of the children had to say:

    I enjoyed learning about people’s lives because it helps me understand them better. My favorite story was “David and Dad at the Derby” (Nov. 2013) because they lost the race but still had fun. I felt so happy because that happened to me too.

    Porter A., age 9

    For six weeks our family read the Friend together in the car, at bedtime, and before church. We love the stories! The stake activity was fun. We can’t believe that our stake read thousands of stories!

    Natalie, Chad, Audrey, and Heidi P., ages 6, 9, 4, and 4