Finally a Big Brother!

“Finally a Big Brother!” Friend, Mar. 2016, FJ8–FJ9

Finally a Big Brother!

Nolan had been waiting and waiting.

Friend Magazine, 2016/03 Mar

Nolan heard the phone ring. He ran to answer it.

“You have a new baby sister,” Dad said on the phone.

“I’m finally a big brother!” Nolan told Grandma.

“Hooray!” Grandma said. “Let’s go see the baby.”

Nolan and Grandma went to the store. “I’m finally a big brother,” Nolan told the man at the store. They got flowers for Mom and a red birthday balloon for the baby. “My sister is zero years old,” Nolan said.

“Wow!” the man said.

“I’m finally a big brother,” Nolan told the woman at the hospital.

Soon they found Mom’s room.

“Hi, Mom!” Nolan shouted.

“Quiet voices,” Grandma said.

“Hi, Mom,” Nolan whispered.

“Here’s your sister.” Dad held a pink bundle. “Want to hold Anna?”

Nolan washed his hands and sat down. Dad set Anna in his arms.

“She’s so cute!” Nolan said. He counted her toes. He felt her fuzzy hair. Anna grabbed his finger. “She likes me!”

Soon Anna started to cry. “Don’t cry,” Nolan said. “Your big brother is here.”

Anna gave a big yawn. Nolan giggled.

“I’ll sing my favorite song to you,” he said. “I am a child of God, and He has sent me here. Has given me an earthly home with parents kind and dear. …”

That night Nolan couldn’t wait to say his prayer. “I’m thankful for Mom and Dad. I’m thankful I’m finally a big brother. And I’m thankful for my new baby sister.”