King Benjamin Teaches His People

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“King Benjamin Teaches His People,” Friend, Mar. 2016, FJ4–FJ6

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King Benjamin Teaches His People

Friend Magazine, 2016/03 Mar
Friend Magazine, 2016/03 Mar
Friend Magazine, 2016/03 Mar

Once there was a good king named King Benjamin. He taught his people to follow God so they could have peace.

King Benjamin was getting old. He gave his son Mosiah the scriptures and the compass called the Liahona. He wanted him to take good care of these important things.

King Benjamin wanted to talk to his people before he died. He asked them to come to the temple.

People came from all across the land. They set up their tents with their families. What would the king tell them?

The people looked up and saw the king standing on a tower. Then the king began to speak.

King Benjamin told the people what Heavenly Father wanted them to know. He told them about Jesus Christ. He told them to keep the commandments and to help other people. Then they would be called the followers of Christ. And they would be able to live with Heavenly Father again!

Today our prophet teaches us in general conference what Heavenly Father wants us to know so we can live with Him again.