Spring Concert at Temple Square Includes Orchestra and Chorale

  • April 17–18, 2015
April 17–18, 2015
Salt Lake Tabernacle

This year’s annual spring concert at the Tabernacle will feature both the Orchestra at Temple Square and the Temple Square Chorale.

Article Highlights

  • The concert will be held at the Tabernacle on Temple Square, April 17–18, at 7:30 p.m.
  • The Orchestra at Temple Square will team up with the Temple Square Chorale, the training ensemble for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, for the concert.

Audiences for the April 17–18 spring concert will get double the pleasure as they enjoy an evening of classical music that will feature both the Orchestra at Temple Square and the Temple Square Chorale. The evening’s performances will be under the baton of Ryan Murphy, associate music director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and conductor of the Temple Square Chorale.

Beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the Tabernacle, the first half of the concert will feature the orchestra performing Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn by Johannes Brahms and the Overture to The Bartered Bride. The Temple Square Chorale, the training ensemble for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, will perform Mozart’s Requiem, one of the most storied and enigmatic works in the classical canon, in the concert’s last half.

Describing the concert, Murphy explains, “While the Mozart Requiem is the centerpiece of the evening, the concert begins with Variations on a Theme by Haydn, which was performed at the inaugural concert of the Orchestra at Temple Square in 1999. Brahms wrote this almost a hundred years after the Mozart piece, but it still feels musically connected to the past. Brahms used a theme from the classical era as his subject, giving a nod to his predecessors in terms of style, structure, and counterpoint. We’ll follow the Brahms with the Overture from The Bartered Bride by Smetana, a wonderful Czech composer, who was also a contemporary of Brahms. It provides a wonderful vehicle to feature the virtuosity of the orchestra and to have some fun before we settle into the solemnity of the Mozart.”

Murphy continues, “The Mozart Requiem has some of the most hauntingly beautiful music ever written. There is an amazing depth of contrast to the material as Mozart explores universal themes of justice and mercy. The music is at times fiery and gentle, severe and serene, but always with Mozart’s elegant touch. This concert has been a great joy to prepare.”

The orchestra and the chorale were each formed in 1999 as extensions of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir organization. Since that time, the orchestra has become a key collaborator with the choir and has added significantly to the artistry of the combined ensembles. The Temple Square Chorale has proved itself an invaluable tool for training future singers in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Singers participate in two sessions of the chorale—one prior to becoming members of the choir and another the year following admission to the choir. Chorale rehearsals and performances, together with classroom study in Choir School, provide detailed preparation for new singers. The concert is the culmination of 16 weeks of training.

Free tickets for the concert are available, first-come, first-served, beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. on ChurchofJesusChrist.org/events.