October 2020 General Conference

  • October 3–4, 2020
October 3–4, 2020
Conference Center, Salt Lake City, Utah; also via satellite and online streaming

 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites all to participate in the 190th Annual General Conference on Saturday and Sunday, October 3–4, 2020. Speakers will focus on the Savior’s messages of love, understanding, acceptance, hope, connection, and inclusion.  

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  • There will be no live event open to the public.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites everyone to participate in the 190th Semiannual General Conference October 3-4, 2020. Through the use of technology, more viewing and listening options will be available than ever before, ensuring the largest global general conference audience to date.

As the world grapples with a global pandemic, economic hardship, social issues, political turmoil, and uncertainty, The First Presidency, members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and other General Authorities and General Officers of the Church will focus on the Savior’s messages of love, understanding, acceptance, hope, connection, and inclusion. 

Of the conference, the First Presidency said, “We will focus on Him by elevating our use of the name He revealed for His restored Church. We will recognize major events of the ongoing Restoration to celebrate our history and future. We will become even more “converted unto the Lord” and invite all to come and find enduring joy on His covenant path.” 

The conference will consist of five sessions for individuals, families, and friends of the Church. A morning session at 10 a.m. and afternoon session at 2 p.m. will be broadcast on both Saturday, October 3, and Sunday, October 4 (mountain daylight time). A women’s session for all women and young women ages 11 and older will be Saturday evening at 6 p.m.

Each session will be broadcast from a small auditorium on Temple Square. The First Presidency will preside and conduct those in-person sessions, and only those who have been invited to speak or pray will attend. The music for the conference has been prerecorded.

Prepare for Conference

Conference provides an opportunity to receive personal revelation as living prophets give counsel and direction. Asking questions can help you prepare for conference, increasing personal revelation while you watch.

Learning more about General Authorities and General Officers can help you prepare to receive their messages.


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Invite Others

Those of other faiths are welcome to participate in general conference. Church members are encouraged to invite others to watch or listen and to share messages on social media.

Live Viewing Options

All sessions will be streamed live on broadcasts.ChurchofJesusChrist.org. Sessions are also available via Gospel Library, the Latter-day Saints Channel, radio, television, satellite, and other digital channels. See 5 Ways to Watch or Listen to October 2020 General Conference Live

To view at a meetinghouse, check with local leaders for availability. For specific times, languages, and rebroadcast information, refer to the Church broadcast schedule

Tickets to Live Event

There will be no live event open to the public.

Participate and Share via Social Media

To participate in general conference conversations on Twitter, use #GeneralConference or speakers’ recommended hashtags, or simply retweet quotes, videos, and images posted at @ChurchNewsroom. Subscribing to the Apostles’ social media pages is another way to see and share their messages.

Postconference Availability

General conference talks in text, audio, and video formats are provided in multiple channels for studying after conference, including Gospel Library, YouTube, the general conference section of ChurchofJesusChrist.org, and Church magazines.