Lesson 7: 1 Nephi 2

“Lesson 7: 1 Nephi 2,” Book of Mormon Videos: Seminary Teacher Instructions (English) (2019)

“Lesson 7: 1 Nephi 2,” Book of Mormon Videos: Seminary Teacher Instructions (English)

Book of Mormon Videos

Lesson 7: 1 Nephi 2

Prayerfully consider how the Book of Mormon Videos might help your students identify, understand, feel the truth and importance of, and apply the doctrine and principles taught in the Book of Mormon.

Lehi’s Family Departs into the Wilderness” (3:47)

Using This Video

The first part of this video (from timecode 00:00 to 02:31) could be used to help students discuss this question from the lesson:

“According to verse 4, what did Lehi’s family have to give up in order to obey this commandment? Why might this have been difficult?”

The second part of this video (from timecode 02:32 to 03:47) could be used to help increase students’ understanding of this summary stated in the lesson:

“Summarize 1 Nephi 2:5–7 by explaining that Lehi’s family traveled from Jerusalem to a river valley near the Red Sea, a possible distance of 260 miles (420 kilometers). (To create a perspective of this distance for your students, you might point out a place that is approximately 260 miles from where you are located.) Their trek likely went through a hot and barren country, known for thieves who waited to rob unprepared travelers, and may have taken 12 to 14 days. After arriving in the river valley, Lehi built an altar, made a sacrificial offering, and gave thanks to the Lord.”

Consider showing the video after giving the summary.

Nephi Prays for Laman and Lemuel” (6:02)

Using This Video

You could show this video toward the end of the lesson. By then, you should have these two principles listed on the board:

“If we do not understand God’s dealings with His children and if we disbelieve His prophets, then we can be led to murmur against them. …

“… When we earnestly desire and pray, the Lord can soften our hearts to help us believe and obey His words.”

Before showing the video, invite students to look for ways in which Nephi, Laman, and Lemuel demonstrate examples of the two principles.