Lesson 61: Mosiah 18

“Lesson 61: Mosiah 18,” Book of Mormon Videos: Seminary Teacher Instructions (English) (2019)

“Lesson 61: Mosiah 18,” Book of Mormon Videos: Seminary Teacher Instructions (English)

Book of Mormon Videos

Lesson 61: Mosiah 18

Prayerfully consider how the Book of Mormon Videos might help your students identify, understand, feel the truth and importance of, and apply the doctrine and principles taught in the Book of Mormon. Each suggested video is a short segment within an entire episode. Use the start and stop timecode to show each clip within the episode.

“Abinadi Testifies of Jesus Christ” (2:31)

Alma the Elder teaches and baptizes at the Waters of Mormon.

Start and Stop Timecode: 22:45–25:16

Using This Video

You could show this video segment when you arrive at the part of the lesson that states:

“Divide the class in half. Invite one half of the class to search Mosiah 18:8–11 for what Alma taught we should be willing to do when we are baptized. Invite the other half of the class to search the same passage and look for how the Lord promises to bless us if we keep all of our covenants.”

To help students visualize the situation at the Waters of Mormon, you could show this video prior to reading Mosiah 18:8–11. As they watch, students could listen for phrases to add to the chart from the lesson material. After the video, ask students to read verses 8–11 to help them complete their assigned portion of the chart. Then proceed with the lesson as outlined in the teacher material.