Lesson 83: Alma 19–20

    “Lesson 83: Alma 19–20,” Book of Mormon Videos: Seminary Teacher Instructions (English) (2019)

    “Lesson 83: Alma 19–20,” Book of Mormon Videos: Seminary Teacher Instructions (English)

    Book of Mormon Videos

    Lesson 83: Alma 19–20

    Prayerfully consider how the Book of Mormon Videos might help your students identify, understand, feel the truth and importance of, and apply the doctrine and principles taught in the Book of Mormon. Each suggested video is a short segment within an entire episode. Use the start and stop timecode to show each clip within the episode.

    “Ammon Serves and Teaches King Lamoni” (0:58)

    Abish invites the Lamanites to witness the power of God.

    Start and Stop Timecode: 19:53–20:51

    Using This Video

    You could show this video segment when you arrive at the part of the lesson that states:

    “Ask the student you invited to summarize Alma 19:18–28 to explain the events recorded in these verses. As needed, help the student include the following information: After hearing the news from Abish, the people gathered in the king’s house. When they saw Ammon, the king, the queen, and the servants unconscious, great contention arose among them. One man tried to kill Ammon but fell dead in the attempt. Some claimed that Ammon was the Great Spirit, and others said he was a monster. When Abish saw all the contention that had resulted from her bringing the people together, she was very sad.”

    Instead of inviting a student to summarize Alma 19:18–28, you could show this video segment. Then proceed with the lesson as outlined in the teacher material.