Mormon’s Plates
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“Mormon’s Plates,” Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers, 2020

“Mormon’s Plates”

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers

Mormon’s Plates

Read about this in Mormon 1–7.


In Book of Mormon times, people didn’t have books or computers like we do now. So they wrote important things on thin pieces of metal called plates.

Jesus Christ

Prophets like Nephi, Alma, and Ether wrote on lots of metal plates. They wrote what happened to their people. They wrote about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mormon and Moroni

God asked a prophet named Mormon to gather the most important parts from all of these plates. Mormon and his son, Moroni, wrote them all on a set of gold plates.

The Book of Mormon

Because Mormon was the one who put most of this book together, it is called the Book of Mormon. Like the Bible, it teaches about Jesus Christ.

Reading the Scriptures

I can learn about Jesus by reading the Book of Mormon. Even though these prophets lived long ago, their words help me today.

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The Book of Mormon Is for Me!

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Liahona Magazine, 2020/12 Dec

Illustration by Apryl Stott