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Faithful People Followed Jesus

“Faithful People Followed Jesus,” Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers, 2020

“Faithful People Followed Jesus”

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers

Faithful People Followed Jesus

Read about this story in 3 Nephi 17 through 4 Nephi 1.

Jesus Christ breaking bread

When Jesus visited the Nephites, He taught them about baptism and how to take the sacrament. He set up His Church.

Jesus blessing children

Jesus blessed each child. Angels came! Jesus healed the people and prayed for them. Then He went back to heaven.

woman sharing food

After Jesus left, people kept doing what He taught. Everyone worked together and shared what they had, so no one was poor. Church leaders blessed those who were sick.

people talking around a fire

Instead of fighting, people chose to get along. Everyone followed God’s commandments. And they were happy for a long time!

children blowing bubbles

My life will be happier when I follow God’s commandments. I can share what I have with others. I can help people get along.

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People Lived Happily

What can you do to help your family be happy?

coloring page of People Lived Happily

Illustration by Apryl Stott