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Alma Baptizes Many People

“Alma Baptizes Many People,” Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers, 2018

“Alma Baptizes Many People”

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers

Alma Baptizes Many People

Read about this story in Mosiah 16–18.

Abinadi talking to King Noah

Abinadi was a prophet. He taught people to believe in Jesus and to stop doing bad things. A wicked king named Noah was angry with Abinadi. Noah didn’t want to repent.

Alma praying

A man named Alma believed Abinadi. He ran away and hid from the angry king. He felt sorry for doing wrong things, and he repented, just like Abinadi had taught.

Alma teaching people

Many people came to hear Alma teach about Jesus Christ. Alma taught that if they repented and followed Jesus, they could be baptized.

happy family

The people clapped with joy. They promised to comfort others. They promised to love God and tell other people about Him. They were ready to be baptized.

Alma baptizing young boy

One by one, Alma baptized the people. They were very happy to be part of Jesus’s Church.

When we are baptized, we make the same promises that Alma’s people did. And we become part of Jesus’s Church too!

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Alma Baptizes

How many hearts can you find?

woman being baptized

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