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Traveling to the Promised Land

“Traveling to the Promised Land,” Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers, 2018

“Traveling to the Promised Land”

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers

Traveling to the Promised Land

Read about this story in Ether 2–3 and 6.

Jared and his brother

Jared and his brother lived in a valley with their families and friends. Jesus Christ visited Jared’s brother. He told him to build boats to take his people across the ocean to the promised land.

Jaredites building boats

The people built boats with no windows. Jared’s brother worried about how they would breathe and see. Jesus said they should make holes in the boats for air.

brother of Jared making stones

But what about light? The brother of Jared made 16 clear stones. He asked Jesus to touch them with His finger to make them shine.

Jesus touching each stone

The brother of Jared saw Jesus touch each stone with His finger. The stones shone brightly. Because he had so much faith, Jared’s brother saw Jesus Christ!

Jaredites boarding boats

God sent great winds to blow the boats across the ocean. When they reached the promised land, the Jaredites prayed to thank God for protecting them.

We can be like Jared’s brother when we trust God and have faith in Jesus Christ.

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