Jesus Visited the Americas

“Jesus Visited the Americas,” Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers, 2020

“Jesus Visited the Americas”

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers

Jesus Visited the Americas

Read about this story in 3 Nephi 8–11

Illustration of the Nephites being taught

In the Book of Mormon, a prophet named Samuel taught people about Jesus. He said a bright star would shine when Jesus was born.

Depiction of the Savior visiting the Nephites

Some people believed the prophet and watched for the star. One night, the new star appeared! It was a sign that Jesus had been born in a land far away.


Years went by. One day the whole earth seemed sad. There were earthquakes and storms. It was a sign that Jesus had died.

Jesus visits the Nephites

The land stayed dark for three days. Then something wonderful happened. Jesus came to visit the Nephites and Lamanites! He was resurrected, which means He was alive again. He spent time with each person, one by one.

The Christus Statue

Jesus knows who I am. He can help me during dark and scary times. He is the Light of the World!

Coloring Page

Jesus Visited the Nephites and Lamanites

What would you tell Jesus if He visited you? One day you will see Him again!

Liahona Magazine, 2020/09 Sep

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Illustration by Apryl Stott