Alma Believed Abinadi

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“Alma Believed Abinadi,” Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers, 2020

“Alma Believed Abinadi”

Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers

Alma Believed Abinadi

Read about this story in Mosiah 11–17.

Alma Believed Abinadi: Abinadi Testifying

In the Book of Mormon, we learn about a prophet named Abinadi. God sent him to teach the wicked people of King Noah.

Abinadi told the king and his followers to repent and keep God’s commandments. They didn’t listen. They were angry with the prophet! They didn’t want to change.

Alma Believed Abinadi: Abinadi Testifying

But one person believed the prophet. His name was Alma. He decided to repent and leave the wicked king.

Alma Believed Abinadi: Writing the Words of Abinadi
Alma Believed Abinadi: Teaching the People

Alma wrote down what Abinadi had taught. He started teaching other people about the gospel.

Alma Believed Abinadi: Modern Day Application

I will listen to the prophet. Even when other people make bad choices, I can always choose to follow God.

Coloring Page

Alma Followed the Prophet

What’s one way you can follow the prophet?

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