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Alma the Younger Repents

“Alma the Younger Repents,” Book of Mormon Stories for Young Readers, 2020

“Alma the Younger Repents”

Scripture Stories

Alma the Younger Repents

Read about this story in Mosiah 27.

Alma talking with people

Alma was the prophet’s son. He was named for his father, but he didn’t believe what his father taught. He told people that the Church wasn’t true.

angel appearing to Alma and others

One day, an angel appeared to Alma. The angel told Alma to repent.

Alma looking asleep

For three days, it was like Alma was asleep. He was thinking about his bad choices.

Alma teaching others

Then Alma prayed to be forgiven. And he was! He felt Jesus Christ’s love. Alma woke up and taught others about how Jesus saved him.

kids in a car

I can repent when I make a wrong choice. Jesus will always be there for me.

Coloring Page

Alma Repented and Followed Jesus

When you make a wrong choice, what should you do?

Alma the Younger and parents

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Illustrations by Apryl Stott