5 Ways to Be a Peacemaker
April 2024

“5 Ways to Be a Peacemaker,” Friend, April 2024, 42.

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5 Ways to Be a Peacemaker

When you think of a peacemaker, what do you see? Do you picture yourself? You should! Jesus Christ asked us to be peacemakers (see Matthew 5:9). You don’t need to fight armies or be a world leader to do that. Here are five ways you can be a peacemaker right here, right now.

  1. Listen even when you don’t agree. When you’re arguing with someone, stop and listen. When someone has a different idea, stop and listen.

    Girl with hand to ear
  2. Try to understand how others feel. The more you understand someone, the easier it is to treat them with kindness and have a peaceful relationship with them.

    Girl comforting boy
  3. Practice problem-solving. Lots of people point out problems. Peacemakers also point to solutions. The more you practice thinking of solutions, the better you will be at problem-solving.

    Two boys talking together
  4. Choose patience. Think about the last time you felt impatient. Was it a peaceful feeling? Probably not. When you feel those impatient feelings, take a deep breath. When you’re patient with yourself and others, you can feel more peace.

    Girl helping angry boy calm down
  5. Remember Jesus Christ. “Pray to have the courage and wisdom to say or do what He would,” taught President Nelson. “As we follow the Prince of Peace, we will become His peacemakers.”*

    Girl praying
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Illustrations by Daniel Duncan

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