Road-Trip Trouble
April 2024

“Road-Trip Trouble,” Friend, April 2024, 4–5.

Road-Trip Trouble

“Let’s pray again,” Emma said.

This story happened in Germany.

Emma put the last sleeping bag into the camper van. Her family was driving to Italy for a holiday weekend. They were all so excited!

She got into her seat with a blanket and some snacks. Her brother, Max, sat next to her.

“Everyone ready?” Dad asked.

“Yes!” Emma and Max said.

They drove past buildings and trees. The roads were very busy. After a few hours, it was so crowded that all the cars stopped.

Emma looked out the window at the people in the cars next to them. Some looked bored. Others looked upset.

A man behind them got out of his car. He walked over and knocked on Dad’s window.

Dad rolled down his window. “Hi. Can I help you?”

The man pointed to their van. “One of your tires is flat.”

“Oh no!” Dad said. He got out to look and talk to the man.

Family looking at flat tire on camper

Dad got back in the van. “We have two choices. We can stop at the next rest area. Or we can drive carefully to the closest camper site. Let’s pray about it.”

Mom said the prayer. She asked Heavenly Father to help them know what they should do.

They were all quiet. Emma listened closely to hear the Holy Ghost. “I think we should drive to the campsite,” she said.

“Me too,” said Dad.

When they got there, Mom and Dad called someone for help. A few hours later, a worker came to look at the tire.

“It’ll be hard to find a tire that fits,” he said. “We’ll order a new one, but all the shops are closed for the holiday. We can’t get the tire until Tuesday.”

Emma frowned. Tuesday was far away—and what if the tire was late? She was excited to go to Italy. But now they might not get there!

“Let’s pray again,” Emma said.

“Great idea,” Mom said. “Just remember that even if we’re not blessed with a tire, Heavenly Father always hears our prayers. We can still have a great trip.”

Emma nodded. “Dear Heavenly Father,” she prayed, “thank Thee for keeping us safe on our trip. If possible, please help us find the right tire for our camper.”

The next morning, the worker came back. He was rolling a big tire toward them.

“Looks like we’ll make it to Italy after all!” Dad said. Emma and Max cheered.

“How did you find a new tire so fast?” Max asked the worker.

“I asked some other people here if they had a spare tire that would fit,” the worker said. “And someone did!”

The worker put the new tire on. They were ready to go! Emma said a silent prayer of thanks. Their family trip hadn’t gone the way they planned, but Heavenly Father had heard their prayers.

Family driving in camper
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Illustrations by Greg Paprocki