Come, Follow Me Activities
April 2024

Come, Follow Me Activities,” Friend, April 2024, 28–29.

Come, Follow Me Activities

For home evening or scripture study—or just for fun!

April 1–7

Sharing Together

For Jacob 1–4

Kids baking together

Jacob taught that we should be “free with [our] substance” (Jacob 2:17). That means sharing what we have with others. Make a treat to share with some neighbors or friends!

April 8–14

Team Tag

For Jacob 5–7

Kids running

Jacob asked us to “cleave,” or stay close, to God with all our hearts (Jacob 6:5). Play a game about staying together as a team! Choose one person to be the chaser. When the chaser tags someone, they join hands and chase the other players. When the next person gets tagged, they join hands with one of the chasers too. Keep playing until everyone joins hands.

April 15–21

Family Links

For Enos–Words of Mormon

Hands writing on a slip of paper

People in the Book of Mormon wrote their family history on the plates (see Omni 1:1). You can write your family history too! Write your name on a strip of paper. Tape or glue the ends together to make a ring. Then write the name of a family member on another paper and loop it through the ring. Tape or glue the ends together. Add as many family links as you can!

April 22–28

Turn to the Prophet

For Mosiah 1–3

Kids in a blanket fort

The Nephites turned their tents toward King Benjamin so they could hear his words (see Mosiah 2:6). Make your own tent with blankets, pillows, and furniture. Then watch or read one of the prophet’s talks inside together!

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Illustrations by Katy Dockrill