What Are Temple Baptisms?
April 2024

“What Are Ordinances and Covenants?” Friend, April 2024, 22.

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What Are Temple Baptisms?

Jesus Christ taught that we need to be baptized to live with God again (John 3:5). If a person dies without being baptized, someone can be baptized for them in the temple. Then the person who died can choose to accept the baptism. Prophets have promised that doing temple baptisms will help us love our ancestors more.

Preston England Temple

  • This was the second temple built in the United Kingdom.

  • The Missionary Training Center is next door to the temple!

  • The outside is made of white granite from an Italian island.

Lubumbashi Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple

  • This will be the second temple built in the country. A third is on its way!

  • Right now, the nearest temple is 1,500 miles (2,400 km) away.

  • It will be built near a lake called Lac Kipopo.

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Illustrations by Rachel Erickson