Shine On
April 2024

“Shine On,” Friend, April 2024, 18–19.

Shine On

Lynn wanted to do what the Savior would do.

This story happened in Zimbabwe.

The sun was shining, and Lynn ran outside to play. The other children in the village were playing kickball. They had made their own ball by crunching up papers and wrapping them tightly with plastic bags.

Lynn hurried to join them. But then something made her stop.

Sitting under a nearby tree was a girl named Awesome. Some other children pointed at her and laughed. But Awesome didn’t laugh. Instead, she covered her face with her hands. Big tears rolled down her cheeks.

Soon the others joined the kickball game and left Awesome alone.

Lynn looked at the children having fun. Then she looked at Awesome. She wanted to do what Jesus Christ would do.

Two girls sitting under a tree with other children pointing at them

“Are you OK?” Lynn asked. She smiled at Awesome.

Awesome wiped her tears and nodded.

Lynn picked up two small sticks and handed one to Awesome. “Want to draw with me?”

“Sure.” Awesome took the stick and drew a circle in the dirt.

“That looks like a sun,” said Lynn. “The sun always makes me happy.” The girls giggled as they drew more pictures. Lynn liked Awesome.

Then Lynn had an idea. “Would you like to come to church with me tomorrow? We’ll sing songs and learn about Jesus Christ. It’s really fun.”

“OK,” said Awesome. “Let me ask my mother.”

As Awesome ran to find her mother, Lynn felt a little nervous. She knew some people in their area had bad feelings about the Church.

But soon Awesome came running back. “My mother said yes!” She gave Lynn a big hug. “I told her you are my best friend ever!”

The next morning, Lynn and Awesome went to church. It was a long walk. Lynn taught Awesome some Primary songs as they walked.

Two girls walking on a path

On the way, they saw other children walking with their families to church. Some of them were the ones who had been mean to Awesome.

“Are they coming to church too?” asked Awesome nervously.

“Don’t worry,” Lynn said. “It will be OK.” Lynn said a little prayer in her heart that the others would be nice to her new friend.

When they walked into Primary, the other children smiled at Lynn. But when they saw Awesome, some of their smiles faded. They seemed a bit worried and nervous too.

Sister Moyo read a scripture. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.”* She looked up. “We can share our light by showing love to others. Can anyone share how you helped someone feel loved?”

No one spoke. Some of the children shuffled their feet under their chairs.

At last, one of the boys said, “Uh, Awesome, we were not very kind to you. We are sorry we made you cry. Can you forgive us?”

Lynn looked at Awesome. What would she say?

Awesome nodded slowly. “Yes,” she said. “I forgive you.”

Children in Primary class

Sister Moyo smiled. “That was brave and kind of both of you. I know you’ve made the Savior very happy.”

The next day, Lynn and Awesome sat under the tree and sang songs they learned in Primary. Soon the other children heard them singing and joined them. Music filled the air they all sang.

Lynn felt like sun was shining in her heart. She was grateful she had shared Jesus Christ’s love with her friend.

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Illustrations by Katie Rewse