The Story of the Olive Trees
April 2024

“The Story of the Olive Trees,” Friend, April 2024, 24–25.

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The Story of the Olive Trees

Master and servants in vineyard

The prophet Jacob told a story about the master of an olive vineyard and his servants. They cared for the trees. They cut off bad fruit and added new branches to help the trees grow stronger. They cared for the trees to help them grow.

As you read the story in Jacob 5, look for these things:

The master of the vineyard cared for the trees because they were precious to him.

The trees and branches are like the Lord’s people. The servants helped the master care for them.

Grafting means adding new healthy branches to make trees stronger.

Pruning means cutting off bad fruit and branches.

Just like how the master took care of the trees with the help of servants, Jesus Christ takes care of us with the help of prophets and leaders.

Scripture Challenge

  • Who is Jacob speaking to in Jacob 3:1?

  • Which prophet does Jacob quote in Jacob 5?

  • Enos knew that God could not do what? (Enos 1:6)

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Illustrations by Bryan Beach