Hello from Northern Ireland!
April 2024

“Hello from Northern Ireland!” Friend, Apr. 2024, 8–9.

Hello from Northern Ireland!

Learn about Heavenly Father’s children all over the world.

Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom. It is on an island sometimes called the Emerald Isle because it’s so green! Almost 2 million people live there.

Early Missionaries

Missionaries and a field of wildflowers

Northern Ireland was one of the first places that missionaries visited outside of the USA.


Men playing rugby

Rugby is a popular sport in Northern Ireland. It’s played by running with an oval-shaped ball and touching it down in the other team’s goal area.


Recorder and man playing a violin next to horses

Traditional Irish music often includes fiddles, flutes, and banjos. You can hear it played around the island, but Irish music is also popular around the world!


Friend magazine in English

English is the most common language in Northern Ireland. Gaeilge (Irish) and Ulster Scots are also important there. Gaeilge is one of the world’s oldest languages!

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Illustrations by Hector Borlasca