Lions in the Woods
April 2024

“Lions in the Woods,” Friend, April 2024, 32.

Friend to Friend

Lions in the Woods

From an interview with Linda Davies.

Boys in the woods

When I was six, our family went hiking in the mountains. On the way back, my older brother, Barrie, and I ran ahead. We were excited!

We loved seeing the rocks, flowers, birds, and small creatures. But soon we realized we were alone, and the trail was gone.

We didn’t know how to get back. Trees were all around us. I imagined lions hiding behind each one! Barrie said we should shout for help. We shouted for a long time, but no one heard us.

Finally, Barrie turned to me and said, “I think we should pray.”

I thought that was a great idea. As he prayed, I kept one eye open to watch out for lions. After we prayed, we felt calm.

Just then, we heard rustling in the trees. I was sure it was a lion! But before I got too scared, I saw who it was. It was Dad! We were grateful our prayer had been answered.

As we walked back to the trail, we told Dad about our prayer. He stopped and said, “We need to pray again to thank Heavenly Father for His help.”

With happy hearts, we bowed our heads, and I thanked Him for answering our prayer. This time, I made sure both eyes were closed!

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Illustration by Kelly Kennedy