The Kirtland Temple
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“The Kirtland Temple,” Friend, September 2021

Scripture Stories

The Kirtland Temple

Vision of the Kirtland temple

God told Joseph Smith to build a temple. It would be a house of God.

Building the Kirtland temple

The Saints worked together to help build the temple. Men built tall walls. Women made curtains and carpets. Children helped bring tools and water to the workers.


When the temple was finished, the Saints went inside. They sang a hymn and shouted “Hosanna!” Joseph said a prayer to dedicate (bless) the temple.

Jesus Christ - Kirtland Temple

A week later, Jesus Christ visited Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the temple. Jesus said that He accepted the temple as His house.


Today there are temples all over the world! Each temple is a holy place. Someday I will go inside and make promises with God.

Illustrations by Apryl Stott