Meet Eleanor from the USA
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“Meet Eleanor from the USA,” Friend, September 2021

Helping Hands around the World

Meet Eleanor from the USA

Meet Primary children helping others, like Jesus did.


All about Eleanor

Featuring Eleanor

Age: 7

From: Florida, USA

Language: English

Family: Mom, Dad, two older sisters and two older brothers, plus her dog, Coco, and her cat, Sushi!

Goals and dreams: 1) Do 100 nice things in one week. 2) Be a dolphin trainer and a doctor.

Eleanor’s Helping Hands


After a hurricane in Florida, USA, Eleanor’s home was damaged. Her neighbors’ homes were damaged too. So Eleanor and her siblings did their own Helping Hands project in the neighborhood. They invited their friends to come along too! Together they helped an older couple clear away a large tree that was blocking their front door. Eleanor helped clear branches out of the way and helped move pieces of the tree as it was cut up.

The neighborhood friends worked hard for days to help clear trash and tree branches from roads, driveways, and yards. When more volunteers came to help after the hurricane, Eleanor gave up her bedroom so they’d have a place to stay. Eleanor said, “I follow Jesus by helping others, and I loved helping with the hurricane cleanup. It made me feel good. It even stopped feeling hard because I felt so happy.”

Eleanor’s Favorites

Featuring Eleanor

Place: Home

Story about Jesus: When He was born in Bethlehem

Primary song: “My Heavenly Father Loves Me” (Children’s Songbook, 228)

Food: Sweet potatoes

Color: Light blue

Subject in school: Science

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/09 Sep

Illustrations by André Ceolin