Show and Tell
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“Show and Tell,” Friend, September 2021

Show and Tell

Presley Frehner

It was hard to listen and be reverent when we had church at home during the pandemic. I tried to think of how I could help make it feel special and reverent. I got an idea. I took two big boxes and made them into a podium. I felt happy to help make our home church feel special.

Presley F., age 9, Saxony, Germany

Oliva Haibrock

When I see someone at school who is alone or having a bad day, I invite them to play with me.

Otilia H., age 9, Region Hovedstaden, Denmark

Cannon Anderson

I am grateful for a living prophet. I enjoy studying the scriptures with my family each week using Come, Follow Me. It helps me understand the teachings of Jesus.

Cannon A., age 10, Arizona, USA

Ellie Kearl

I was reading the Book of Mormon after I got in trouble. My mom came in and saw me reading and said it was a great idea to help me calm down. I had a warm feeling.

Ellie K., age 7, New Hampshire, USA

Everett Olsen

When I was sick, I felt the Holy Ghost when my dad gave me a priesthood blessing. I am thankful for my mom and dad.

Everett O., age 6, Ohio, USA

Ana Clara Cerqueira Lemke

I have a pet iguana, and whenever it runs away I say a prayer to Heavenly Father asking that it will come back.

Ana C., age 6, Espírito Santo, Brazil

Benjamin Chapman

My friend asked me to play a video game on Sunday. I really wanted to but said no. I want to keep the Sabbath day holy.

Benjamin C., age 9, California, USA

Children's Art

“We All Belong,” Madison C., age 10, Utah, USA

Children's Art

Alan M., age 10, California, USA

Children's Art

Dallin H., age 6, Auckland, New Zealand

Vimbai Jerusalem Makotore

“The Temple,” Vimbai M., age 9, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania