New Amigos
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“New Amigos,” Friend, September 2021

New Amigos

The author lives in Utah, USA.

Brigit didn’t know Spanish. How would she meet anyone?

“I was a stranger, and ye took me in” (Matthew 25:35).


Brigit stared out the car window as her family drove through the narrow streets of Caracas, Venezuela. There were brightly colored homes and big green mountains. It was a beautiful place. Mom and Dad said living here would be a new adventure.

But Brigit still felt worried. Today was their first time going to church in their new country.

Mom turned to Brigit. “Are you OK, sweetie?” she asked. “You don’t look like you feel very good.”

Brigit twisted her hands. “I’m scared. I can’t speak Spanish. How can I make friends?”

Mom reached over to hold Brigit’s hand. “I know you’re worried. But it’s going to be OK. Take some deep breaths.”

Brigit looked down at her hands. They felt cold, even though it was hot outside. Her heart beat faster, and her stomach felt funny as the car pulled into the church parking lot. What would church be like? Would she understand anything?

Walking into the chapel, Brigit felt like a stranger. She looked around at the other families, all speaking Spanish. Then she saw two girls who looked about her age.

As soon as the girls saw Brigit, they rushed over to her. They spoke quickly in happy voices, with big smiles.

But she couldn’t understand anything they said. Will they go away when they find out I don’t speak Spanish? she wondered.

Brigit took a deep breath. “No hablo español,” she said, shaking her head. “I don’t speak Spanish.” Tears started to fill her eyes.

The girls just shrugged their shoulders and smiled even brighter. One girl pointed to herself and said, “Dayana.” Then she pointed to the other girl and said, “Andrea.”

Brigit’s worries began to melt away. She smiled at the girls and pointed to herself. “Brigit.”

Dayana and Andrea sat down next to Brigit. They taught her how to say “scriptures” in Spanish and a few other words. When sacrament meeting started, Brigit’s heart felt warm and peaceful.

After Primary, Brigit and her new friends sat in the grass outside the church while their parents talked. Dayana and Andrea taught Brigit some more Spanish words. Then Dayana pointed to a tree and asked, “¿Inglés?”


Brigit smiled and pointed too. “Tree,” she said. She beamed and pointed at other things, saying the words in English. Dayana and Andrea repeated the English words. Then they taught Brigit how to say them in Spanish. Brigit learned all kinds of helpful words, like libro (book), casa (house), and coche (car). Best of all, they taught her how to say amigos (friends).

Soon it was time to go home. Brigit waved goodbye to Dayana and Andrea.

“How was your first day at church in Venezuela?” Dad asked.

Brigit smiled. “It was great! I made some friends. And they’re teaching me Spanish!”

“That’s wonderful! I’m so glad you had a good day.”

Brigit thought about how Dayana and Andrea had welcomed her. She didn’t feel like a stranger anymore. She knew that Heavenly Father was helping her make friends. And she couldn’t wait to see what the rest of her time in Caracas would bring!

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/09 Sep

Illustrations by Julia Castaño