Kindness at the Primary Program
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“Kindness at the Primary Program,” Friend, September 2021

Kindness at the Primary Program

Kindness at the Primary Program

Paul and his parents were walking to church. Paul felt excited. Today was the Primary program! All the children were going to sing songs and share scriptures during church. It was Paul’s first time being in the program.

When they got to the church, Paul saw the missionaries. They had been teaching Paul’s family about the gospel.

“Ready?” Sister Walker said.

Paul nodded. He had learned a scripture. It was about how Jesus asked us to love everyone. Paul was ready to share it!

They all went inside and sat down. Soon the bishop asked the children to come to the front of the chapel. Paul stood with his new friends. He smiled a big smile. He could see his mom and dad smiling too. Then the music began.

“If the Savior stood beside me, would I do the things I do?” Paul tried to sing every word clearly. He imagined Jesus was listening.

In the middle of the song, Paul saw someone open the door at the back of the chapel. A boy named Mark walked in. He was with his family. Mark looked at the other kids singing. He seemed sad.

Maybe he’s sad he got here late, Paul thought. Mark started walking slowly up to the stand.

Paul remembered when he came to Primary for the first time. He was glad that other people sat next to him and were nice.

Paul wanted to help Mark. He waved for Mark to come to him. “Come up here!” Paul mouthed the words.

Mark walked quickly up to the stand. Paul made room for Mark.

Kindness at the Primary Program

He gave Mark a hug. “Thanks for coming,” Paul whispered.

Mark gave Paul a big smile.

Soon the song ended. Paul and Mark sat down together. Paul was glad he could help a friend feel loved and welcome.

Friend Magazine, Global 2021/09 Sep

Illustrations by Alexandra Colombo